Steve Nash To Clippers?

Steve NashIn Saturday’s unexpected trade, the Suns sent Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Earl Clark to the Magic for Vince Carter, Martin Gortat, and Mickael Pietrus, a draft pick, and cash. Now the big question is, what happens next for Steve Nash?

The Suns are looking to start rebuilding after losing Amare Stoudemire over the summer. Nash’s age is creeping up on him, and a new team might be what he and the Suns need right now. The Suns could use some young blood while they can still get something for Nash, and Nash would appreciate a new situation after losing his two biggest scorers (Amare and Richardson).

So what team would be a good fit for Nash? Although it may sound like a punishment at first, after a closer look the Clippers would be a great place to go.

They are last in the league right now, but they have some good pieces in Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. All they need is a point guard to lead the team to more W’s. Three reasons Nash fits well with the team:

  1. Griffin has shown proficiency early on with the pick-and-roll, which is Nash’s specialty. Imagine all the highlight dunks that Griffin would throw down with Nash feeding him pass after pass every night.
  2. Gordon wants to run the team, but he’s still young, not even 22 yet. As Nash declines, Gordon can gradually take control and learn to be the leader the Clippers need.
  3. Nash is probably the least selfish player in the NBA – the team always comes first.  He likes to make an impact on others success – what better way to do that then to take over the worst team in the league and make them into contenders?  Not only can he bring in the experience needed to make the Clippers playoff-ready this year, but his influence can turn their young players into All Stars that will compete even after he retires.

The Clippers can send Eric Bledsoe, Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes and a couple first-round picks to the Suns for Steve Nash and Earl Barron. The Suns get a rookie point guard who has shown potential in Bledsoe, as well as a couple of younger role players who could blossom in a new situation.

End result: Suns start the rebuilding process, and the Clippers battle for a playoff spot this season.

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